Client November Newsletter

A round up of what’s happened the past few months

These past few months have been incredibly dynamic, with October standing out as a particularly successful period, marked by a significant number of successfully placed candidates.

The team has demonstrated extraordinary dedication as they worked on a major client project, successfully completing the first phase of the hiring process. With stage two in sight, we are optimistic that it will be equally as successful as the initial phase.

Meet the new team member

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have a new addition to our expanding team! Allow us to introduce Ben.

Ben has joined the NextEra team with a background in recruitment and a strong determination to achieve his fullest potential.

We’re very excited with this addition to our team and eagerly look forward to seeing how Ben will fit in with our close-knit work family.

Behind the scenes

We embraced the Halloween spirit and enjoyed a spooky day in the office, complete with party food and homemade treats!

As a team, we thoroughly enjoy coming together to celebrate various festivities like this as it strengthens our team bond while having fun!!

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