Candidate December Newsletter

What 2024 will bring for NextEra

We’ve had a progressive year here at NextEra Group in 2023. But its all about 2024 now. Following on from establishing core markets we are going to be growing out both the new business and delivery team to enable us to facilitate and to grow more companies.

Going into next year we are going to prioritise supporting more SME’s across their entire company. We’ve found that with the personal approach, flexible fee structure and vast database, we are able to give a more tailored service to SME’s who will benefit more from utilising just one agency that can deliver on all requirements.

Shout outs to the team from Connor…

It’s coming up to that Christmas period, and we all get a little bit softer than usual. So I wanted to recognise and appreciate my team members for being incredible and making NextEra what it is today.

Alisha – for being my right arm, listening ear and helping me with the big decisions.

Billie-Jayne – for always bringing the office cheer, making sure we’re tip-top and organised.

Anissa – for supporting with some huge deals and clients, and getting incredible feedback.

Jude – for coming in, cracking on and delivering numbers, all with asmile on his face.

Ben – for joining the NextEra gang and fitting right in, and working onsome huge projects.

Candidate Testimonial

“Anissa proved to be an exceptional recruiter throughout my job search. Her professionalism and insightful guidance transformed the process into a seamless experience. With clear communication and timely updates, she demonstrated genuine investment in my success. Anissa’s expertise and personal touch make her an invaluable asset in navigating the job market.”

Behind the scenes

NextEra in the jungle 🌴

Transitioning from professional CV’s to playful adventures…

From employees to embracing our wild side 🦍

As the team exceeded the monthly goal in November, we all went on a trip out to Go Ape where we let our hair down and had some team fun.

Click the photo to take a sneak peak…


Our Christmas Secrets🎄

As the holiday season approaches, we’re gearing up to add an extra dash of fun for everyone!

That’s why we’re itching to spill the beans and share our Christmas secrets.

Take a peek at our Christmas video where all will be reveled….


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